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Crossing Guards
Adult Crossing Guards
Adult crossing guards have become an important part of school crossing protection programs throughout the country. The adult crossing guard program was organized more than fifty years ago to help protect children on their way to and from school.

The Fremont adult crossing guard program is organized and administered by the Fremont Police Department Traffic Unit. The Fremont Police Department currently employs 29 full time crossing guards throughout the city. We also have six alternate crossing guards who fill in when one of our full time guards is away or ill.

Determining Crossing Guard Locations
As is true for all school crossing protection measures, certain warrants or criteria are used to determine at which locations adult guards are to be employed. On November 24, 1964, the Fremont City Council adopted Resolution No. 1348 relating to the establishment of minimum warrants for establishing and maintaining adult crossing guard locations:
  • The minimum warrants for use in establishing and maintaining adult crossing guards only at school crossing locations used primarily by elementary school shall be as follows:
    • Where vehicular traffic in conflict with school children crossing the street has a rate of flow of 300 vehicles per hour passing a given point where school children must cross the street, during those times when school children are traveling to and from school; and
    • Where at least 20 elementary school children utilize the crossing in question during any one hour; and
    • Where no alternate route is available; and
    • Where there is no controlled intersection within 600 feet of the location where crossing guard assignment is contemplated. For the purposes of this warrant, a controlled intersection shall mean an intersection controlled by either of the following:
      • Traffic signals,
      • Boulevard stop signs protecting crosswalks; or
      • City Council finds that the crossing factors are so unusual that the safety of children demands the establishment of an adult guard.
  • That assignment of adult guard may be withdrawn when the crossing fails to meet the requirements in item the first bulleted item above.

School crossing guards do not direct traffic in the usual sense of controlling or regulating the flow and movement of cars and pedestrians. Their role is to safely expedite the movement of elementary school children to and from school by creating gaps in traffic.

The very presence of school crossing guards tends to prevent unlawful and unsafe acts by pedestrians or motorist. By employing proper safety procedures and by exercising due caution, crossing guards can help to instill in roadway users desirable practices which can, in time, become habits.

Additional Information
If you would like information on becoming a school crossing guard or general information please contact the Fremont Police Traffic Unit at (510) 790-6760.